The Sky60 Password Post

Saturday night after catching the Simpson’s with Bruce and Stacey, we headed downtown to go to a club Buck was DJing at. We hit a few places, namely the Lodge, before we went down to Sky 60 where Buck was spinning. We were on the guest list and where issued the password, which got us right in. Seriously even if the place was dead and Buck was mixing Abba records I’d be down for going just so I could use a password. Infact from now on if you want to come into my apartment there will be a password. Have something from the fridge? Password. Use the can? Pass. Word.

Sky60 is a rooftop club downtown with cabañas and a really stylish outdoor bar atmosphere. As friends of the DJ we got into a private cabana (with one of those little velvet ropes to separate the VIPs from the plebeians) which was icing on top of my password protected cake. Dave, Jess, Sharon and Jeremy where there too which was great as I hadn’t seen them in a good while. After closing time Bruce and I headed to a late night pizza kitchen for greasy goodness, that had me thinking very much of JMU’s Chinellos. Good night.

Oh, yeah, I pissed off a very large, car park attendant when honking at Bruce (in the car in front of me) in an attempt to get his attention. All I accomplished was getting royally jawed at by a very irate woman as I attempted to explain how I had no cash and needed my buddy in the car in front to spot me. She thought I was just being an impatient git. Put me in my place. I have since had the horn removed from the Celica.

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