The Lillard Visit Post

It seems that Florida is being invaded by Virginians this past month. Last week I had visits from Naomi and Dean, the Wantulas and most recently my buddy Brent form GMU. He was down on a business trip to close a deal with Lockheed Martin and opted to stay in town for a while to chill and hang out chez Jamie. While I was off at work for the majority of his trip, he kept himself occupied at the local skate park and bars and got to sample some of the awesome stuff there is to do around here. Each night we went out to someplace different and had a blast. Hit Church Street downtown one night and partied at Mako’s and Latitudes as well as got some killer food from this new restaurant that happened to be opening up that night; Urban Flats. Had a gorgeous seared tuna flatbread that I will definitely go back for. We made a trip out to Cocoa Beach and hung out at Coconuts and a few other places on the shoreline. We stopped by Fairvilla Megastore to see if we couldn’t snag a few pictures with Jenna Haze (who was advertised as being there) but after getting in line we found that polaroid’s where 20 odd bucks and no digital cameras were allowed… so we passed. Hit up the Blue Martini a couple of times as well, which we were both pretty impressed with. I think I’ll go back sometime soon, apparently Thursday nights are their prime time according to Bruce. It was good to see Brent again and just hang out and shoot the shit like we did back in college. From the sounds of things he’ll be coming back relatively frequently in the future on similar trips, which I look forward to.

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