The Crazy Office Post

Work is kinda crazy at the moment. Regrettably Sharon, the company’s matriarch, is undergoing some major surgery, and is expected to be out of the office for a while recovering. Everyone’s furniture is in the middle of the room due to guys coming by on Monday to start painting the walls. There is major construction going on next-door involving compacting dirt for a parking lot, which causes the whole building to shudder constantly. And the air-conditioning was down last week on our end of the building which had us in the high eighties for a few days. Not the most wild of circumstances, but weird to have them all happen at once. Considering that I spent most of my work week gluing together an Indiana Jones backdrop for a Halloween costume (not mine before you ask) and writing stage directions for an NBC script… it definitely wasn’t your average week at the office. Best of luck to Sharon during her surgery and recovery time. Hopefully everything will be a little less crazy when she comes back.

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