The Move Post

Wow. That was a lot of effort. And while I’m not finished the majority of the labor is done. The move was BRUTAL. I had no idea it would be so tasking. Sweat and tears-wise I think I lost half my body weight lugging boxes up and down stairs and stuffing them in the back of the rental truck. Bruce took his lunch to come by and help with the behemoth that is my TV (seriously what the hell is inside that thing??) which was an immense help. Didn’t finish until 4:30 due to constant downpours and the fact that I have WAY TO MUCH STUFF, so I wasn’t able to check out of my old apartment until the following day. Which was good thing because it ended up taking two ore trips with cleaning supplies and plants to fully vacate. I busted my butt to get the apartment looking tip-top. Ended up filing my fingertips off with scrub brushes and covering my arms with more bruises and cuts than entirely necessary, but the place look awesome, and received “Perfect Condition”-ranking from the woman who did the move-out inspection.

This weekend my couch arrives and I hope to get the last of the essentials running (i.e. computer). With the small expectation of sewage-smelling-water (new pipes) the apartment is perfect. Not a nick, scratch, dent or ding to report. And everything is brand spanking new. I love it there. Expect pictures soon.

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