The Obey The Clown Post

This week has been a little high on the caloric intake due to the maniacal grip Ronald McDonald has over me. His diabolical Monopoly game has me suffering from a Mac Attack whenever the idea of food comes into my head. Collecting those stupid stickers just clicks with me for some reason and I find myself peeling back the greasy labels before I even take a sip of my Coke. The whole office is hooked too, and we trade duplicate stamps and all play online as well. Its so sad, but at the same time so addictive. If you’ll excuse me I’m going to go order some food I don’t want in order to maximize my sticker-to-purchase ratio. Premium Chicken Sandwich and a large fries? Sounds good to me.

Speaking of evil corporations. I finally got a working 360 today after over a month since they sent me the last broken one (which in turn took a month before that). Freaking idiots in their repair center/ customer care department. Hopefully this one will last forever.

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