The Gator Post

Arrived home from work yesterday to find a note in my door from the management. Headed with ‘IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ!’ in bold underlined text I hastened to read the flyer. Apparently an alligator has been spotted in the complex by the lake, and the apartment company wanted to let us know. They tell us to avoid mulch areas at night (apparently that’s when gators are most prone to be away from the water and looking for food) and to be wary around the water. The Florida Game Commission have been notified about it but so far its still on the premises.

This doesn’t scare me at all, as I am sure it’s just a small guy and probably no more of a nuisance than a raccoon or ground hog…but with more teeth. Honestly the creepiest things down here are the geckos. Once you get past the fact that there are lightning fast, reptiles clinging to your house then any ground-based pests don’t really strike up much commotion.

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sarah said...

I can't wait to come and visit...you know how badly I've wanted to get all up in a gator's face ever since you moved down there! I'm stoked!!!