The Fund Post

With the holidays coming up I decided a little extra income would definitely help with the anticipated expense that comes with the festivities. Flights back home, presents etc. All expenditures I look forward to months ahead of time and love to pay. With this logic in mind I noticed that the local GameStop that we visit on lunch break religiously, is hiring seasonal part-timers. I asked Matt the manager there, if something from 5-close on weekdays would be in the cards, and he said that they could fit me on the schedule 2-3 times a week. Seems perfect. I’ll just roll over right after work and run small shifts a few days a week, sound good. Filled out the paper-work and turned it back in the next day, and pending a background check with my old store in Sterling; I’m hired. Turns out though that the pay is substantially lower than I was earning even back in high school… With Florida’s lower rate of earning taken into consideration, if I go through with it I think it will funding towards my “Jamie’s PS3 Fund” rather than a Christmas collection. Unless that is you all what really crappy presents.

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