The Virginia Goings-On Post

Meanwhile, in Virginia....

Today (now yesterday) is Stefan’s 21st birthday, a big Happy Birthday to him. Crazy to think my brother is 21. Not so much because he’s my little brother, but more because it doesn’t seem thank long ago that I had my 21st celebration for my coming of age. The whole family is over at the house to celebrate with steaks and crab cakes (jealous!) as well as respective girlfriends (including mine), Ali and Bob and Aunty Lel. I hate missing these family events.

I’ve been too bogged down with my new apartment and getting myself settled that I didn’t comment about Ali and Bob making their move this weekend too. I felt bad enough for myself unloading a one-bedroom apartment’s worth of stuff…I can’t imagine what a whole house is like! Seems like everything is going smoothly as possible at this point which is nice to hear. According to Stefan the new place is pretty cool and very much a Ragsdale-sort-of-house. Looking forward to checking it out firsthand next time I head back to VA. Bob already put everyone’s worries to rest; yes there is a perfect spot for Christmas Potato Batchi. We can all sleep soundly.

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