The 2008 Post

First positing of ‘08! Happy New Year to everyone. I hope that last year was a good one, and that this one is even better. Sarah and I celebrated with Bruce and Stacey at Mark’s house last night which was nice. We met up beforehand at BJ’s Brewhouse for some (always) excellent food then headed out to the Orlando outskirts where Mark lives. Mark’s house is on a hill (which is a geographical rarity in Florida) that overlooks most of Orlando. We could see all the fireworks going over during the evening at the various theme parks. The most impressive of which where the 12:00 Disney ones by far. Though some of the fireworks Mark was setting off in the back yard where pretty impressive and where definitely the best at-home displays I’ve ever seen. Besides explosives the evening included a five-year-old running headfirst into a closed, sliding-glass door, as well as an out of control pallet fire in the groves next to Mark’s house. So entertaining to say the least.

After toasting in the New Year we headed off to Cricketer’s Arms to attempt to fill Stacey’s need for some Scotch Eggs. Arriving at 1:30 we weren’t all that surprised to find the kitchen closed. But the bar was still bustling and a lot of fun. Had a good laugh with Phil (the owner), that he won’t remember in the morning, and had a nice cap on a fun evening out. Bruce and Stacey are loads of fun, and I know Sarah had a good time.

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