The Celtic Games Post

This weekend was the Orlando Celtic Games festival just a little north of here in Winter Springs. I headed out there to check it out, and met up with the Godziks. The festival was pretty cool and had all the clans present in booth form recruiting new members. I quickly found the Macpherson tent and made friends with the people there, then wandered over with them to the kilt tent with some hot chocolate for the guy working there (he was cold). Nice guy, sized me up for a kilt, and extended a nice discount because I was a Macpherson, and the women at our clan tent had been bringing him drinks all weekend. Didn’t drop the money to get a kilt, due to the step price, but have all his information for a later order (he’s based out of Edinburgh). The highland games were pretty cool and had everything from hammer and axe throwing to caber and bail tossing. What’s with all Scottish games involving throwing something? Chugged a few Irn-Bru and scoffed down a sausage roll while meandering from tent to tent. It was a fun day, though I wasn’t able to track down a clan crest like Bob’s, regrettably, and didn’t get a chance to show of my Lairdship to anyone.

If you didn't know; a Laird is a Scottish Lord, and is a title that I now hold thanks to an awesome Christmas present from my cousin Craig. I now own a small plot of land in South Angus, Scotland, which entitles me to use the noble title. Read my blog, peasants!

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