The Macleod Wedding Post

So it’s official. Well it has been official for a while now, and I am late to post on the topic, but Paul and his fiancé Christina are now officially Mr. and Mrs. Macleod. The official-ness of the union has been cemented by a very nice FaceBook gallery by the little misses, which is the first I’ve seen of the wedding. It's weird to think of my friends being all grown up and getting married, (being away from it all down here I have a definite disbelief in pretty much any major event that occurs in my absence) but that being said I couldn’t be happier for Paul and wish both he and Christina the very best of luck in their new lives together.

The wedding was a very intimate event down in Key West with pretty much just the bride and groom together. I admire their resolve for an under the radar ceremony, but can’t claim not to be jealous I didn’t get to be there to see my good friend tie the knot. There is rumor of a reception sometime this summer in Virginia which I will be at in a heartbeat should word reach Florida. It's times like these that have me longing to return to all my friends and family. Congratulations Paul. I’m proud of you.

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