The Resolute Post

I’m a fan of New Year’s Resolutions and this year is no different. I don’t like beating myself up over them or anything, but it is nice to set some goals for yourself. I know a few people at the office will be doing the age-old “Quit-Smoking” resolution, which is always tough. But even tougher when people like me “help” by making them feel horrible when they light up*. Just doing my part! On the list to get accomplished before 2009 are:

Watch at least 1 Movie a week
I’m playing catch-up. See the NetFlix Post

Meet and have a picture with a celebrity
Or two pseudo-celebrities. Like this guy.

Become an American Citizen
Or at least get all the paper work submitted.

Start actually enjoying going to the gym.
How I plan on convincing myself of this, I have no idea.

* You have your kids in your will right? *Lungs suck anyways. *I don’t want to know how I die, but I respect the daring of your hands-on approach.

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