The Pensicola Wedding Post

Sarah's former co-worker Eve got married last weekend to her fiancé Bradley. Sarah and I were invited to the wedding which was up in the Florida panhandle, in Pensicola. It was nice to get to meet Eve, having heard so much about her from Sarah, and Bradley seems like a really standup guy. The ceremony was very nice and right on the beach, with the reception in the Officer's Club afterwards. We stayed on site at the Navy Lodge, which was kind enough to let us check in early so we could get changed for the wedding. (Ceremony started at 2:00, but check-in was at 3:00). Sarah's boss Deanne came down for the wedding as well, so it was nice to finally meet her as well, and hang out. I don't think she was particularly impressed with my poor sense of humor, but we all had a good time.

The drive was pretty killer though, and ended up being about seven hours each way. It totally blows my minds that you can start in the middle of Florida and drive for seven hours and not be in a different state. There is a good 5 hours between here and the southern tip as well… so at least we didn't have to drive the entire length of the state. Still though, the trip to the most northern tip of Virginia only takes 11 hours. Having Sarah with me for long trips makes it much more bearable though, and we had fun chatting away and rocking out to our freshly downloaded iTunes playlist (the hits of 1994).

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