The Noisy Neighbors Post

My neighbors upstairs suck. I can’t stand them. The yell at each other really loudly and bash and bang as if they are having a wrestling match in the living room. The walls here are thick too. I’ve never so much as heard a peep out of people in my building until this family moved in upstairs. I’m not sure how many of them there are, but I know it’s at least 4 or 5 people after seeing them through the windows when I came home.

If they were cool people who where just watching the game loud or listening to music, then fine. I’m no curmudgeon*. But these guys are just loud assholes who slam doors rather than close them. Stomp rather than walk and let the fat kid/s run around in a one bedroom apartment like it’s a freaking Chuck E Cheese. Ok, I don’t know for sure if their kid is fat…but I’m guessing he is. No normal sized kid could make my lamps shake like this fat little bastard does.

Maybe I should give them the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps they are new and their furniture hasn’t arrived yet. Maybe little fatass kid isn’t enrolled in fat-school yet and is getting antsy living in a one-bedroom with 5 people. Maybe I should just get used to consistent bangs every 5 minutes… At least living here I feel comfortable in going up and giving them crap. At the old place I think my neighbors could get away with anything less than a shotgun blast and I’d leave them alone for fear of marching into a drug den or dog fight. I’ll give them one more week. If they don’t get it under control I’m going up and yelling at them and complaining to the landlord.

---End rant.---

*vocabulary courtesy Eric Ferrara.

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