The Blog Upgrade Post

You may notice a few changes around these here parts. New features have been added to make the blog more streamline (for both me and you) and easier to navigate. Now everyone can comment on postings! Which is a nice update being that before you had to sign up to Blogger to say anything. Originally this was supposed to be a two-way venture, but it became too cumbersome for people to leave a comment. Now not so much, so comment away (please).

I was not sure whole often I’d update, nor if people would actually read this, so I was hesitant to make too much of a commitment to the Blog. But I’ve been getting positive feedback, and found myself posting fairly routinely, so I thought a little facelift was in order. Also of note. I have signed on with Whosahitmen to write game related editorials for their soon to launch news blog, so watch for that in the near future. I still want to keep this blog focused on my day-to-day goings on down here in O-Town, however I’d like to branch out and write for other non-Jamie-related blogs also. Hopefully the venture will work out.

As always, thank you for visiting.
Cheers, -Jamie

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