The Holiday Homecoming Post

Heading home tomorrow for the holidays, back up to NoVA. I am looking forward to getting to go back, seeing the family, friends and Sarah. I expect there will be much tearing of paper, eating of turkey and bowling of potatoes (ask Uncle Bob, he explains it best). Being that I’m permanent at work now I’ll be getting paid for Christmas Day as well as Boxing Day which is fantastic, as I kinda lost out over last break as far as earnings go. George will be bringing his kids over to play with Coolio while I’m away which is very nice of him. I do feel bad ditching the officially dubbed ‘Family Christmas Cat’ over the holidays, but bringing her back would close to double my ticket price and probably be pretty unpleasant for her considering the short nature of the trip.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to you and your family. Or Happy Holidays if you’d more PC well-wishing.

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