The Evolution of Crazy Post

A new breed of crazy graced my apartment complex the other night. This time a half naked white guy was running around, doing bizarre stretches and banging on cars monkey-style, wearing only a pair of white boxers and mix-matched socks. He wasn’t causing any harm, and was only hitting the cars every now and then in his bizarre routine (which involved cawing, rolling in dirt, leaping into the road and pretending to fly and running with both hands stretched out art his sides a la Sonic the Hedgehog) but I still felt it my civic duty to call my apartment security. Just incase he ran into the road and caused an accident or something. Anyway, turns out you get a ‘DUN DUN DUUUN- I’m sorry, the Nextel subscriber you are trying to reach is no longer in service’ when you call my security in this FINE establishment. Called the Police non-0emergency line to let them know, and they sent some people out later to search in the bushes for the guy with flashlights, but he had long since ran off to another apartment complex across the street. Moral of the story is that Orlando citizens are baked out of their minds, and that security in my apartment complex is less than secure at the best of times.

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