The Ipswich Ripper Post

The Ipswich Ripper, as he has become know is making my hometown famous. Incase you haven’t heard this story, there are linked deaths cropping up in my merry little Suffolk hometown of Ipswich. The women that have turned up 5 or six I believe, are all prostitutes, (or believed to be) which is lending the Jack The Ripper connotation to the killer. I was told that this is the largest string of killings in British history over a short time span (5 days I think). Creepy really. I don’t know the details, only what I’ve heard from Sarah and my coworkers, and should probably read the article I’m linking here. But…I am late for work so it’ll have to wait till my lunch break. Just flelt the need to point out that my quaint little hometown has become ripe with murder, mystery and of course hookers.

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