The Mutant Turkey Post

Now my neighborhood isn’t the nicest place in the world, and the local inhabitants sometimes make you feel a little less than safe. But today my personal security had never been in more jeopardy. Today I was minding my weekendly business, vacuuming and shaking out cat hair from pillows (as one does on a weekend) and I notice something outside in the parking lot. I head down to check it out, and I find a MUTANT KILELR DINOSAUR BIRD! Seriously, I can deal with thugs (or at least avoid them like a pro), the occasional crazy and people rooting through my trash, but prehistoric vulture beasts? That’s a whole new level of creepy. The thing was just waddling around minding its business not making a sound (I was hoping to catch it leap onto a passing car and rip the roof off with its Jurassic jaws) long enough for me to head back in for a camera. Below are some shots I took if this fabled beast. Why this thing was wandering a city parking lot I have no idea. I recon its the result of some bizzare Thanksgiving experiment, that pecked its way out of the mutagen tank


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