The Christmas Party Post

Last night was the Colorvision Christmas Party, down at Ball Hill Country club. It was a formal event with an elaborate four course meal, with live singing from Michael Andrew (a local lounge singer and Broadway actor) , carolers, professional photographers, a Santa, and lots of drunken coworkers. I had a great time. I’ve been to a few country club dinner events before back in Great Falls, but I always feel out of place at these sorts of things. It was cool to get to meet everyone’s significant other and hangout with everyone in a relaxed environment too. Open bar helped loosen people up too, some people got pretty trashed. Myself, I wasn’t drinking due to the wicked hangover I had been nursing all day prior (we went downtown the night before) and a series of unfortunate events from the night prior. They took your picture when you came in the door and handed you the framed final on your way out which was pretty cool. It uses a holiday graphic border I designed too, which was cool to see in use. Though it’s UGLY AS SIN. It did look good at one point… but the owners had their edits and changes and eventually the classy little design ended up looking like this… Oh well. Not my party. Great food, good company, fun times. Here’s George and I looking like idiots. I’ll see if I’m in any of the other shots the roaming photographers took when I’m in the office tomorrow.

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