The Painterly Amendment Post

Tonight I spent some time working on the last painting (big blue as I refer to it), in an attempt to ‘finish’ it. I was never really happy with the emptiness of the piece. Plus it was pointed out to me that the Gorillaz music video for Feel Good Inc. features a floating island with a windmill on it. Yeah, I was pissed. And no, I didn’t see the video before I put this together. (Though I have the MP3). The damn windmill even faces the same direction and has a backwheel on it! And I dunno what that is hanging off the back, but if its an anchor I will freak out. I decided to add a second floating island with a lighthouse. Originally I was going to make the windmill a lighthouse right from the start, but decided on windmill after seeing a shot of a nice on online. I hate painting at night, mainly due to the awful lighting I’m stuck with (yellow like whoa), but also because I for some reason associate leisurely painting with a nice weekend morning… Anyway, here’s a shot of where it stands now. Is it 100%...meh, not sure, still not really happy with it, but I am worried if I do too much I’ll lose the bits I do like.

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