The 100th Post

So here I am, 100 posts into this blog… Honestly I am very happy I’ve kept it going this long. I really like the idea of keeping a blog going for all the practical reasons, but also because it’s generally a lot of fun (for me). It’s been a shade over six months now since I’ve moved down here. Alot’s happened, and it feels like ages have past since I was crashing at Uncle Cromar’s house and living off of the EasyMac and Pringles the MowCow guys sent with me. I can remember the days where all I’d think of doing was sharing whatever menial events had happened that day over this little site as a way to stay connected with the people I was leaving in Virginia. It really helped me get through the rough patches of homesickness. Half a year later I’m really liking it here. I’ve met great people, done a lot of interesting things that I don’t think I could have accomplished in VA, and generally grown up a whole lot (I think). Anyway I’m sure there are many bloggers out there that hit 100 posts within a week so I’ll wrap this one up. Here’s hoping I still catch the occasional reader during the next 100.

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Anonymous said...

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