The Bond-athon Post

This week marked the release of the recent Bond outing; Casino Royal. I was very fond of the film when it premiered towards the end of last year and have been anticipating its DVD release for some time. I recently inherited the family Bond box sets (they released new ones and Dad upgraded) and decided to watch them all*, in order before Casino Royal came out. Over the past few weeks I’ve sunk a lot of time into the Bond’s and walk away with a much better understanding and appreciation as a fan. It was also very interesting to see the films evolve as the times changed. Bond’s demeanor, style, attitude towards women as well as each movie’s enemies and plotlines are all every indicative of their respective releases. I finally feel like I can back up my opinions about which films are the best, and which actor best played the role. With that said here are my best and worst Bond films:

The 5 Worst:
The Man With The Golden Gun- The emphasis was placed on Christopher Lee’s character and failed to deliver any suspense, twists or climactic battles. Though it did have Knick-Knack. Bless his little soul.

The Living Daylights- Honestly if this was what we had to expect from Dalton, I’d not have invited him back for another stab at Bond. Uncharismatic and stale.

Die Another Day- This seemed like an attempted launching platform for Halley Barry’s Jinx character more than a Bond film. Plus Madonna has a cameo and Bond’s car can turn invisible. Crap.

You Only Live Twice- Train for weeks and undergo facial modifications to become ‘Japanese’ only to run in and shoot some people. Terrible terrible movie. Plus he never looked Japanese at all.

Dr. No- Honey Rider was gorgeous. That’s about all this film had going for it. We don’t even see the doctor till the very end, and he’s rather slow and disappointing. Poor start to a terrific series of films. I’m glad they didn’t stop here.

The 5 Best:
Goldeneye- The perfect Bond movie. Great twists, brilliant villains and a lot of action. Cements Brosnan as one of the best Bonds.

Casino Royal- The new badass take on Bond. Daniel Craig defies the naysayers and delivers in a terrific and moderately realistic Bond flick that’s a breath of fresh air.

From Russia With Love- The first ‘true’ Bond film. Harrowing escapes, espionage and intrigue, and a showdown on the Oriental Express. Great film. Classic.

Goldfinger- Lots of Bond mainstays start to form here with Goldfinger. My favorites being the elaborate death plots, superhuman badguys (OddJob) and treating Bond like royalty when being held captive.

License To Kill- Dalton, though a weak Bond, is blessed with a great story here. Terrific opening scene with Blowfeld getting his overdue death makes this a fanboy favorite.

*I didn’t watch Never Say Never Again, the Thunderball remake, simply because its not part of the box set and is an ‘unofficial’ Bond film.

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