The Fort Jackson Post

Last weekend I headed up to South Carolina for Stefan’s graduation from boot camp at Fort Jackson. The trip up was a bit arduous (about 8 hours) but I left work early on Thursday to beat all the traffic in Orlando and Jacksonville, so I did pretty well compared to what could have been. Mum and Dad, Jake and Sam came down from VA and we all stayed at a hotel south of the base. Stefan’s graduation ceremony was good (lots of marching) and it was terrific to see him. He’s definitely changed, but is very much the same old Stefan (thank goodness). We’re all very proud. Got to take him off base for the Saturday and hung out at the hotel and about town. Can’t stress how good it was to see everyone again. Sunday morning Stefan headed off to Texas for the start of his 4-month paramedic training program, and the rest of us hung out and spent some family time together. Missing them all already.


Mouth Breathing Old Codger said...

What a great looking bunch of people. Wish I could have been there.

Anonymous said...

Good looks are obviously in the genes ;)