The World's End Post

There are few things in this world that would make me watch Dancing with the Stars. And being that by 'dancing' they don’t mean ‘making out’ and by 'stars' they don’t mean Ana Hickman and Kelly Rippa, I’m left with my 2nd choice; that being the premier of the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie trailer for At World’s End. The trailer debuted just a few moments ago during the commercial breaks in a shameful attempt to get wanna-be pirates to watch and boost ratings. Well it worked, for me at least. And man am I glad I watched it (And even more glad that they aired the trailer in the second break, considering it’s a 2-hour show tonight). Sparrow’s back as we knew he would be, plus we catch lots of interesting clips namely shots of a massive whirlpool, pirates uniting and blanketing the horizon, plus all the minor characters that make the films so great. Best of all a swordfight in the rain, on a ship’s mast, between Davy Jones and Jack Sparrow as the ship plummets towards the edge of the world. Top that.

What’s ‘more better’ is the movie hits in a little less than two months! Stoked! Click the image to view the trailer.

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