The Published Nerdyness Post

Yesterday at work I made some awesomely nerdy shirts based off of my latest gaming vice; Crackdown. It came up as a joke with Live buddy Treebeerd that they should make t-shirts featuring the game’s cheese-ball announcer’s phrases. We have a t-shirt printer here at work, so I figured I should whip up a few. The shirts came out awesome, so I snapped some piccies and let 360 Fanboy (a blog I regularly read) know about it, and today they wrote a post on them. You can check it out over at the address below:



Anonymous said...

Wicked t-shirt!!!

No chance buying one? ;)

Jamie said...

I cant be bothered to go through the printing again and then shipping it, but I can email you the files so you can print your own if you'd like.

Anonymous said...

Thanks you so very much. I´d really appreciate it :)

my email is bjarkisv@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Gutted you wont sell them. Fancy sending the files over for the UK fanboys?




Dan Bell said...

Love the shirt! Any chance I could get the files as well? I want to make one up for myself.

My email is insimbi@gmail.com