The Arnold Palmer Post

Duncan’s parents got a bunch of clubhouse level passes to the Arnold Palmer Invitational today at Ball Hill. I’m not a golf enthusiast, but Bay Hill is really classy, plus club house access lets us get right up there with the players. And mentally I am trying to top my celebrity picture with Manny the Sharkman with someone of a higher caliber…say Tiger Woods. Though I didn’t get to take a shot with Tiger (they confiscated all cellphones and cameras if you took one out), I did see him sink a nice birdie, literally 10 feet away from me. Which was pretty cool. Spent some time in the clubhouse chilling with Duncan. Added to my already heinous sunburn too. Good times. Snagged a very weak shot in the car as we were leaving just because I didn’t want to bring the camera for no reason (see below).

The Byrd’s have been keeping me well fed this weekend and continually refuse to let me pay my way. Today we hit Two-Jay’s deli for some terrific sandwiches, and more massive deserts. They headed to Key West today, to see some Nat’s spring training games and spend time with relatives. It was great to see them. Glad Duncan made it down.

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