The Tijuana Tile Post

Tijuana Flats is a chain of Tex-Mex restaurants that started down here in Orlando by a UCF student a few years back. It’s fast become one of my favorite places to go for lunch with the guys from work. They have a bizarre décor primarily featuring crazy colors and various bizarre imagery. One thing they do which I think is pretty cool is let customers take home a ceiling tile to decorate (according to their store limitations) and bring it back for them to put up as part of the restaurant. I asked about picking one up a few weeks back and was told that there was a contest this month for the best ceiling tile entry. Winner gets $30-worth of free food and hot sauce. I would have entered a tile even if there wasn’t a prize, but knowing it’s a contest got me stoked about it. Anyway tomorrow is the deadline and I just finished my tile up tonight. The rules specify that it’s gotta use certain colors, and feature something pertaining to iguanas, radioactive signs, fire, hotsause and/or super heroes. A bit of an odd list, but it’s so the tiles fit their wacky theme I suppose. Anyway, below is a shot of my entry. I’ll let you know if I win. (And will never mention it again if I lose).

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Mouth Breathing Old Codger said...

Do you get extra points for a portrait of Uncle Bob? Go man! Good likeness.