The Gator Hunt'n Post

Last week we all headed out to Boggy Creek down in Kissimmee after I was done at the office to go on their gator hunt. We heard that its best to do the night show because that’s when they all come out to feed. We, along with a few other families, hoped aboard some swamp airboats and zoomed off over the lake at Southport Park. It was a lot of fun to hit the high speeds and bound over the very tranquil waters. The night was perfect and at a few points our guide stopped the fan (which was loud as all hell for the record) and we just drifted along the water in the moonlight. Very peaceful. The boat was equipped with a large searchlight, which could pick out the gators from far away, reflecting as little red orbs in their eyes when they came up to the surface. We saw a fair few alligators, the largest was about 6 feet I’d say, but its hard to tell when they dive under the murky water and/or swim amongst the swamp grass. The ride home was filled with all kinds of hilarious ‘hillbilly stuff’ like calendars of ‘Pa and the kin’ and wooden mallets that had attitude adjuster scrawled along the side. We spend the ride home laughing at each others horrible twangy accent impressions. Fun night.

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