The Murder Mystery Post

On Friday Mum, Dad, Jake and I headed to the Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show on I-Drive. It’s one of the Florida themed dinner shows that we had never done before as a family, primarily because we where of the age to favor knights jousting and pirates swinging on ropes while we ate rather than murder mysteries. The whole show was a lot of fun and did an excellent job of getting the audience in on the act, while at the same time being enjoyable. I find that lot of the audience participation in most tourist attractions comes off as awkwardly forced in many cases, but Sleuths did a great job of keeping things fun and fresh. The food was actually pretty good too which is rather uncommon at these sort of things. The mystery we had to solver involved a largely disliked rich-type being crushed by an elephant outside in the parking lot. There are four main suspects, all with reasonable motive, that the crowd has to home in on with questions and astute observations. The character actors where clearly having a lot of fun with it, and their performances where hilariously fun, and not over cooked to the point of cheese ball. We ended up pegging the right crook and won some nifty detective badges to prove our sleuthing prowess. Wandered down to Bahama Breeze for a nice drink with Dad afterwards.

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