The Day Off Post

I’m taking today off from work, which marks the first time I’ve successfully used a vacation day*. It’s a double header really because I’m using today as a relaxation day after week of feeling rather ‘bleh’ with a sort through and cough, as well as a ‘spend-time-with-your-sibling-day’ to hang out with Samantha before she heads home this weekend. Last night Sam, Jason and I went out to Cowboy’s for Jodi’s birthday, then headed downtown to meet up with Buck and Laura at Firestone. It was a good night for me because I’d never been to either place and have been itching to check out Firestone for a while now. Cowboys was not my usual party spot (a lot more cowboy hats and line dancing than I’m accustomed to) but the place was huge and packed. I reckon I’ll head out that way again sometime. No, I don’t want to line dance.

Today we are thinking of heading out to the new SeaWorld park Aquatica. After a nice lay-in of course. I’m feeling a lot better, which I’m pleased about. I was worried I might have caught what Tom had last week, which left him bedridden for a good few days. Guess either I only got something mild, or my immune system is a bulldozer. I’m inclined to think the latter of course.

*I’ve filed for days off before but just gone without pay.

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