The SeaWorld Visit Post

Yesterday we headed off to SeaWorld for the day, as it was one of the parks we haven’t been to as a family in ten years or so. I am always impressed with the park, having only been twice before myself, it’s all new to me, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The shows are really impressive, especially the dolphin and whale one. We caught pretty much everything show-wise, saving Shamu till after dark, then watched the fireworks. We didn’t get a chance to hit the Journey to Atlantis water-ride primarily due to the long wait in the rain, and the fact that the people coming off the thing where dripping wet in the already overcast weather. The Kraken however has a nice short line and was a lot of fun. Jake rode it 5 times or so while Mum, Dad and I hit the Anheuser-Busch tasting demonstration, and I joined up with him afterwards. We had a really good guide during the tasting that really knew her stuff, which made it much more educational and entertaining than the last time I did it. Got 5 new caps for the collection too, so it was a productive round of drinking really. We had a table booked at the Sharks restaurant which was fantastic. The restaurant is much like the one at Epcot’s Journey to the Sea, but focused on sharks. The long wall of the dining room is a massive shark tank, filled with all kinds of reef and tiger sharks, and a few others. We had a delicious meal while staring at all the beasts lumbering past, even going as far as to name a few. The park is running a great ‘buy one day-come back all year’ ticket deal, so I look forward to heading back at some point this year to catch a show or get a bite.

Here's a pretty cool video of the underwater viewing tank with the dolphins. They often interact with people watching down below as well as those who are feeding and petting them on the surface. It was raining so we picked the underground option.

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