The Return to VA Post

So it’s official. Come the end of the month I will be moving back to Virginia. It’s going to be hitting the two year mark next week since I left, and while I have had a lot of fun, met some fantastic people and had some really interesting experiences down here, its time for me to head back home.

The guys at work understand that I need to go, but are sad to see me leave. Though they are interested in keeping me on the Colorvision team long-distance on a freelance basis, which is terrific news. The creative outlet that the job offers, as well as the great team I work with are not things I want to have to give up, and it’s nice to know that the feeling is mutual. I plan on spending the remaining weeks here with the great friends I’ve made and enjoy the people who have made this two-year venture so easy and memorable.

p.s. does anyone need a couch?


Anonymous said...

Great news that they want to keep you free lance! Wow. mumxo

Anonymous said...

I so need a couch. -Jake