The Last Orlando Post

This will be the final posting from my apartment in Orlando. I have cancelled my internet connection and need to take the router back to Brighthouse and close my account. This past week has been pretty crazy getting everything sorted out and trying to hang out as much as possible with all my friends I’ll be sad to leave behind. I’ve had a great last few days at the office aswell as some extracurricular lunches, salons, theme parks, and wrestling tapings. I am going to miss a lot of people when I leave and will always look back on these past two years with fond memories. I will be back often visiting and crashing on everyone’s couches (just so you know guys) so this is far from good bye. Tomorrow is my last day at the office and we have organized a little get-to-gether at the Ale House after work before I head out. Sarah and I are heading out to the Godzik’s for a BBQ later today then stopping by Henry’s T-Bar to watch the Skins game. The apartment is packed for the most part with just a few extraneous jobs remaining. All that’s left is to turn in my keys and pack up the car really. It’s all happening very fast- will post again when able, probably from VA.

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dino said...

awesome. i'll see ya back in va