The Salesman Post

So I have decided that schlepping all my furniture back up to VA is going to cost more than its worth- literally. I priced U-Hauls, the AutoTrain and PODs, and came to the conclusion that my couch and computer desk (the only two pieces of particular personal value) are just not going to make the cut unfortunately. SO I have been posting flyers and pimping my wares to co-workers and friends hoping to move the stuff and make a little gas money. So far the couch is spoken fore, as is the desk, the computer chair, my mattress and the bed frame. Smaller items like the folding chairs, workout gear and sock draw are taken care of too. All that’s really left is the TV entertainment center. Not bad for week one of my ‘Everything Must Go’ sale. Shouldn’t be too hard to push the rest of the stuff. Fingers crossed.

P.S: No the image doesn’t really make any sense…. But I think of this guy and his Tupperware whenever the word ‘schlepping’ comes up.

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