The Cheyenne Salon Post

Friday night I me up with Sue and Arnold and Arnold’s sisters to head downtown to Cheyenne Salon on Church Street. I had never been before but had heard a lot about the place. Before hitting the bar we went to Hamburger Mary’s, a really interesting restaurant with a retro ‘saved-by-the-bell style’ going. The unique thing about Mary’s is their wait staff. The restaurant only employs flamboyantly gay guys to be the waiters. Each waiter has a different colored shirt on and unasbashfully brings out the food and drinks. Madonna and Celine Dion blasts over the sound system, and they bring out your check in a red stiletto. The whole place was pretty fun and the food was really good. A different approach to downtown dining for sure and a place I’d recommend if you want a big old burger in a place that’s out of the ordinary.

After eating far to much we headed down the street to the saloon. Sue’s good friend ‘Jet’ was there playing with his band, and Sue was on the guest list and we all got in for free which was pretty cool. The place was amazing. The whole area focused around a center stage right where you walk in, and has bars and tables set up around the perimeter. There are stairs in the back leading up to a 2nd level overlooking the stage, then a second and third set after that leading up to the fourth floor looking down over the floors below overhanging the stage. It’s pretty cool, and was packed solid. For some reason the waitress thought I was with a special event that was also taking place there, as all my drinks came to me and didn’t cost a thing despite my best efforts to figure out my tab. Can’t beat that- best saloon ever! Jet’s band was really great and had everyone singing along and rocking out, he’s quite the showman. After the set we went to go talk with the band for a little before heading home. Really fun night. Glad I got to go hang with the Wolfgang’s before heading back to VA.

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