The Limited Playlist Post

Nick and Nora apparently have an infinite play list, which sounds interesting- interesting enough for them to make a movie out if it apparently. Tony and Amanda snagged some advanced screening invites for Thursday and passed on a couple to me. Jason and I headed down to Downtown Disney to catch the flick and meet up with the guys for the showing. Unfortunately due to communication issues we ended up stuck outside the overbooked show and had to miss it. Oh well. We made the sot of it and chilled out at the Irish pub for a bit and wandered around the Virgin Megastore for a while scoping out the latest and greatest in the Blu-Ray section. All in all not a bad evening, it was cool to chill with Jason a bit before leaving, and I never was really sold on the movie anyway. Apparently it was pretty good- but ‘free’ probably lended a helping had in that review.

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