The Castle Crashers Post

So Castle Crashers is the best Xbox game ever (at the moment) and there is no further purpose to this post that to try and convince you to download it for your 360 (or buy a 360 and download it if you are that far behind). It’s a multiplayer brawler akin to the old Simpson’s / Ninja Turtles arcade cabinets, and I totally love it. Unfortunately I don’t have anyone on my friends list who has the game to hack and slash besides me with. That’s where you come in. Go grab all the stuff you need at a Labor Day sale and meet me online. Oh yeah Happy Labor Day. Now go.

Post-Posting Note: Damn it. these guys should dance. sorry. Now you wont want to buy it at all.

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Tom said...

It won't be long now until Tom has his X-Box, and then I'd be only too happy to download this thing (if only to see the little guys dance).