The Web-Head Post

Saturday was Hayden’s 3rd birthday and Sue and Arnold had a Super Hero-Themed party planned for the little guy (well not so little these days). It’s crazy to think its been a year since I went to his last party…anyway, the moon-bounce was back, this time with Batman allover it, and everything from the decorations and banners to plates and wrapping paper was dripping in Spider-man. I made a surprise visit for the kids dressed as Spider-man in a costume Sue and Arnold had been tracking down a few weeks prior. Arnold’s sister’s helped sew me into the costume which was admittedly a little big on me and had a few issues (weak Velcro holding the back up and a mask that hung limp. However with a few on-the-fly modifications involving a red panty hose and a lot of careful threading we made a pretty good stab at the web-head. I made my entrance by popping up over the fence and jumping in on the party while al the kids where in the back yard.

Upon my landing (slash tumbling) into the yard three kids screamed and bolted inside, parent following. The remaining kids however, Hayden included where really excited to see Spider-man leap into the party and posed for pictures and gratuitous high-fives all round. After webbing Hayden with a can of silly-string and bouncing with the kids in the moon bouncy for a bit I made an exit and darted for the bathroom to get out of the suit. It was 100 degrees midday Saturday and I was DYING in that getup! After tearing of my stitched on suit and changing back into my Peter Parker attire I rejoined the party, sitting quietly in the back under some AC with some heavily iced drinks.

It was a lot of fun and I’m really glad to get to be a part of what I am sure will be remembered as a great birthday for the little guy and all his friends there. Sue and Arnold went all out for him and I’m sure everyone there appr
eciated it, especially Hayden. I signed a three year deal and will be returning next year as either Buzz Lightyear or Batman, depending on who’s more popular.

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