The Graduate Post

Before heading back to VA for Thanksgiving, I wanted to wrap up my online drivers class (for my speeding ticket last month). I opted to take the course online vs. in a classroom for all the obvious reasons. Took about 5 hours of reading and note taking and then a 40 question exam. I fetched a 39/40 which I was pleased with, though the questions really ranged in difficulty. The one I missed was ‘What is the average cost of damage per victim in an alcohol related crash in the state of Florida?’ which in all honesty is a tricky question if you didn’t happen tow rite down that figure. But the test also featured such doosies as ‘Seatbelts are beneficial in accidents. True or False?’ and ‘The Blood Alcohol level in your body determines how much ___ is in your system.” So all in all I’m glad to have it over with finally, but I cant feel too accomplished being that half the questions would serve a chimp little trouble.

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