The Wiiiiiiiii Post

Last night was the official launch of Nintendo’s latest system the Wii. Having already preordered I stopped by the Millennia GameStop at midnight to pick mine up. Stayed up far too late last night setting it up and getting online with it. Despite the name and the taboo that it’s a kiddy system or a non-gamer system here in the nerd realm, I gotta say, this thing is fun as hell. Playing baseball and tennis where I actual have to swing to hit the ball, pressure sensitive controls for arching bowling balls, and sword swipes being mapped to horizontal and vertical flicks of the wrist… all fantastic additions to the traditional game playing mechanism. Zelda (the only game I bought ontop of the console) is simply fantastic, and a definite must have for all gamers. Though graphically very last-gen, this little system is well worth the hype and 250 bones. I know I’m kinda alone in this opinion when it comes to my friends, (either being non-gamers or traditional gamers who don’t like change –you know who you are) but I felt the need to voice a positive vote for this quirky little system. Is it just a gimmick? Will it burn out after the holiday buzz dies down? Who knows? time will tell, but for now, I’m happy as hell and really enjoying this thing.

Got a few friends linked up online already, and while I don’t expect this to go anywhere I’ll stick my friend code online here if anyone wants to add me to their Wii: 2095 5973 6967 9388. Now if you’ll excuse me they are giving away Xbox 360 games at Burger King. Time for a chicken sandwich.

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