The Green Thumb Post

And by green thumb I mean scabbed and cut fingers. Seriously, I am such an amateurish gardener that transplanting a few plants into potters and arranging some large rocks left my hands bleeding like I’d been feeding lions. Small lions…kittens….ok hamsters. Today I decided to decorate my barren balcony with some greenery, primarily to block the view from the ground so Coolio won’t be seen by my landlord (I don’t want to pay pet rent). Until now I have kept the blinds close to closed every day to avoid ‘Cools from being spotted from below. Downside being that it cuts out a lot of light. Now the view is obscured from the ground and less drab from the apartment. Attached are a few shots. I don’t know, I’m hardly a gardener, but this is hardly gardening, so I think I can meet in the middle. Plus it’s just cool to be able to have a palm tree that wont die in the winter, yay tropics!

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