The Shiny Mt. Post

So on Halloween I went to the Groove Nightclub at Citywalk. It was kinda uneventful, but a cool venue, and I had a good time. I neglected to mention, in previous postings the characters we ran into at said club however. Two of which were a couple dubbed Shiny Mountain and Cracked-Out-Raver-Boyfriend. Shiny Mountain was a delightful 4 foot troll of a woman, complete with pug-like face and hair that looked like seaweed draped over a soccer ball (she was HOT), and was sporting a spandex, silver top (hence her nickname). She was with a crazy dude who looked like an inbred hobbit. He was sporting a braided ponytail, grilled beard, light up LED visor from Epcot (worn sideways of course) and a bag on a string (which he danced with). The two would make their way across the dance floor and Shiny Mt. would stand there looking pissed like Jabba the Hutt, while her raver boyfriend went apeshit dancing around her. Ridiculous dancing. We couldn’t help but laugh at the guy, and shoot this video. He’s the one with the bag and hat if you were wondering. If you look to the left of the screen Shiny Mountain briefly makes an appearance. Now while we were shooting footage on one idiot on the dance floor, we were unaware that a 2nd idiot was caught in the background. Watch the guy pointed to by the video prompt…he totally throws out his knee while attempting some bizarre ‘clap-spin-twirl’ move. Hilarious. We didn’t realize till back t the office the following day how bad the guy wrecked himself. Watch as he clutched his leg in pain…hahaha. Sorry, I just felt the need to share. I have a picture of Shiny Mt. up in at work as she chows down on some refreshments… but I wont clutter up my blog with such an eyesore (thank me later).

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