The Stairwell Strikes Back Post

My stairwell apparently breeds crazy people. The other night I woke up at 4:00 in the morning to screams of “someone please can you call 911!?” I come to, and look out my window to see a strung out looking chick, in torn jean shorts and a guys jacket talking to Cincinnati (the crazy toothless old guy who lives downstairs) about calling the cops. He does so, and she attempts to leave. I cant hear what’s being said but I hear him shout to tell her to come back. She does, and hangs around for the 2 minutes or so it takes for the cops to show up. Three cars arrive under my window, and two look out at the chick and immediately leave. One stays and gets out. He walks over to her very nonchalantly and starts talking to her with an attitude (I still cant hear what’s being said). From his body motions he was angry and she was being very explanatory with exaggerated motions. I can make out the cop saying “well what did I tell you?” and she responds with high pitched, but aggressive explanations. He leaves, and she wander about outside very loudly for 10 more minutes or so. Two guys roll up, both Hispanic, fairly bulky and dress very well considering the time. They get into an argument with the chick. All I can make out is “where were you before you got here?” and “who did you call”. Her responses seemed the same as with the cop (exaggerated and overacted) and the guys looked about, stroked their chins and looked generally unhappy. I got tired and went back to be4d and they apparently disappeared. Not so.

The following morning I head down to pay my rent at the main office, and on the way back to my car the chick comes out of a nearby bush and asks me if I had a cell phone (while looking at my phone clipped to my belt/ I was about to head to work). I oblige and she says that it was a dire emergency. She calls a friend…no answer. She calls another number, apparently her mom. She convinces the woman to come pick her up (after aking me where she was) and according to her end of the conversation the mother was pissed about the favor. She then hands me back the phone, thanks me, insists that it’s a huge emergency and heads off to the corner of the parking lot to wait for her ride.

Weird. No ideas what’s going on with her, nor why she needed to call the cops. Why she didn’t know where she was, and why her mother had to come pick her up as she hung around a foreign apartment complex since 4:00 in the morning… Bizarre people in this area. Bizarre people. I think my stairwell is lined with catnip for crazies or something.

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