The Halloween Post

Yesterday Dawn brought in tones of food for Halloween, which as awesome. Being in the central area of the department the food was not 10 feet from my desk, so I spent all day snacking on chips, dip, pizza rings and donuts. After work Bruce and I headed down to Universal City walk to check up on the Halloween festivities. Unfortunately the place wasn’t that busy, which was very surprising. I guess the fact that it was Halloween didn’t outweigh the fact that it was still a Tuesday. Before hitting City Walk we checking in at the Orlando Ale House and the a Mexican bar who’s name I cant recall. Both were relatively unpopulated. Not barren by any means, but defiantly not the rowdy Halloween crowd from this past weekend. Apparently downtown was pretty crazy again, but the park district didn’t seem to be buzzing as I’d hoped.

Regardless of the lack of partygoers there are some awesome venues at City Walk that will kick ass on a weekend or whenever it is people decide to go. Multiple clubs and bars, all themed and very decked out. Light up fiber-optic dance-floors, DJ spinning decks on high-rises over the bars, live music at most... all in all pretty high class. Ate at the Hard Rock and posed for a bunch of ridiculous costume shots about the place.

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