The Plates Post

One of the last remaining objectives associated with my relocation was to get my car registered down here and have new tags and plates issued for the Celica. My insurance has been slow to transfer, and I’ve wasted a few days driving to the wrong DMVs, inspection stations and state tax collectors offices, but it’s finally sorted. I no longer rock the bland, white Virginia tags; the Celica now has a cheesy green and orange Florida plate on the back (no tags on the front down here which works for me ‘cus it makes my car look sexier). I elected not to go with old LUCHADR for my tags, and went with the standard issue, orange-adorned state plate. ‘Luchadr was very much the Focus’ nickname. I wouldn’t feel right swapping the name over to the new vehicle (though I recognize I did that from my old Mercury…for some reason this feels different).

Once I had the plate in hand it wouldn’t be for another week that that I finally got it on the car. The old tags were so rusted onto the car that I wasn’t able to remove the stripped screws with the tools I have here. So I took it to a body shop off of the Trail… they got the front one off after a lot of work, but could get the back to budge. Took it down to the auto supply store and bought a beefier wrench and some anti-rust spray. No luck. Then took the car to Pep Boys early before work on day. All they were able to do was rip the head off of one of the screws leaving the majority of the little bugger in the hole, unable to be removed. Fortunately Victor at work is a very handyman when it comes to these sort of things, and brought in all the tools he needed to drill out the rusted screw, re-sink new holes and mount the Florida tags. I was very relived because for a while it looked like I was going to be driving on void tags. Cheers Victor.

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