The Damage Inspector Post

Today was the date for my apartment inspection. I received notice a week ago that from 9-5 today I would have no running water, and that starting at 9am all apartments in my building would be inspected for damage. Not too much to be worried about being that I work from 9 to 5 and have very little need for water during my time away from home. However leaving the apartment with Coolio in it is another matter, being that I’m not supposed to have her here… As far as I can tell no one came in. Everything was just as it was left this morning and there was no note to say anyone had entered (which they have left in the past on unexpected visits). Could have been a case of they came, did a half-assed inspection (my room was locked with Coolio inside) and left. Or didn’t come at all. Or came, saw the note on the locked door, and went to go tell the boss. Hopefully I won't be slapped with any fines or upped rent.

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