The Physical Post

Today I went to a local Orlando doctor’s office to get registered as a new patient and get all that stuff I should have sorted out a while ago done pertaining to my insurance. I had a physical while I was there too so they’d have something to put in my folder I suppose. My doctor is quite a nice guy and the chairs I was waiting in allowed me to fall asleep, so all in all I see the place as quite promising. Considering that I had the whole ‘turn your head and cough’ experience I wont say I look forward to going back exactly, but I think the practice as a whole is a good choice. Having never gone to a doctor that wasn’t selected by my parents before it was a bit of an ordeal (finding who accepts what insurance and where all these places are located yada-yada), but I’m a big boy now, and big boys don’t need mom and dad to tell them where to have their reflexes and prostate checked I suppose.

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