The Shuttle Launch Post

Friday was the shuttle launch for Atlantis. Or was it Atlantic? Or Atlas? While I could look it up I’ll just leave it open ended and live in the mystery. Bruce and I headed to Cocoa Beach to watch the blast off right after work. I have seen one other launch in person but I was too young and bratty to appreciate seeing it when my parents took my years back. Caught the show from the bridge to Cape Canaveral, and it was pretty impressive. We checked out a camera from the tech department and caught it all on tape for later posting. The after shock from the launch was pretty loud and the jets were incredibly bright, though I gotta say the smell was the most influential experience (think clouds of rotten eggs and you’re getting close). The effects on the sky after the launch were pretty impressive, especially when the sun started setting. After the launch we headed to downtown Cocoa to chill at Coconuts and a few other places, and get some food. Traffic was nuts so we opted to stick out the night and wait for all the other shuttle watchers to leave town.

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