The Smackdown Post

Tuesday Bruce and I headed downtown to the TD Waterhouse (or is it the Amway Arena now?) to catch the taping of Friday Night Smackdown and ECW. Lower section was completely sold out before we got there and all that was left was the nosebleedy-est of nosebleed seats. After entering a street side contest for some floor seats, and promptly not winning, we headed over to the local hotel bar to kill time until the show started. After the first match we headed over and got some scalped tickets from some guys who were looking to get rid of what they didn’t already sell off. Ended up netting some really good lower deck seats for less than the cost of the crap ones. I’ve never attempted to score some cheaper tickets from scalpers before but it definitely worked out in our favor. It was a pretty cool event, and seeing the two rosters compete was an unexpected bonus. I’ve been out of the wrestling loop for a good few years now, and really don’t know half (more than) the wrestlers we saw. I did catch an awesome Chris Benoit match (vs. Edge) which I could totally get behind. And even though he lost, it was a terrific match that had me yelling like an idiot (the luchador mask probably didn’t help that image).

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